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Tired of the “lesser-of-two-evils” duopoly politics?

Has the two-party duopoly’s obstruction of democracy, its subservience to well-heeled bankers and corporate power, and its refusal to address working-class interests, sunk in yet? Whether the candidates are elected from the Republican or Democratic parties, the interests of Wall Street will always be protected and advanced.

More than 700 leading labor and community activists have endorsed our Statement of Purpose that calls for running independent labor-community candidates at the local and state level, as a step in the effort to build a new independent mass labor-based political party.

As LCIP Advisory Committee member Sandy Eaton – RN and former chair of the Legislative Council for National Nurses United – states, “The United States has perhaps the most corrupt electoral system in the developed world. Our oligarchy rules through a two-party system which offers the illusion of choice, but the acceptable range of policy choices steadily shrinks and shifts to the right.”

In order to create such a mass working-class party, we need to organize to raise awareness in the unions of the need to break with the two-party system. The subordination of the labor movement to the Democratic Party is one of the main obstacles facing working people in their struggle for economic and social justice.

To build and fulfill this vision we need organizers, union members, oppressed community members and justice groups and supporters in towns and communities throughout the nation to sign onto our goals and begin the work to run “our” own candidates, as independents at first. When we say “independents” we literally mean independent—independent from the corporate two parties that do nothing and care nothing about our needs and demands. No dirty break, no running as Democrats or Republicans, no impossible attempt to change a party so it might throw us scraps if we beg enough—but doing the groundwork to create a party that independently and un-mitigatingly fights for the needs of the working class, those from Labor and all oppressed peoples willing to unite in common cause together to forge unity around our many needs. Our class has the numbers. The question is do we have the fight? LCIP without hesitation shouts “yes.”

We ask you to say “yes,” too.

We know that this work will not be easy given the forces aligned against us, forces that will wield their money and power in an attempt to defeat us. But in the words of a great activist, our late brother and Advisory Committee member Al Rojas, a union activist who never quit the struggle:

“After 50 years of activism, I feel there is no better time to move forward to build a solid, independent labor movement that fights for our rights. There is no better time to build a new independent labor-based political party in alliance with our Black and Brown communities. Both struggles must go hand in hand. The task is urgent.”

Al Rojas

We have work ahead of us, so JOIN US NOW!


Promoting a labor-based, independent political party for the working-class will require diverse skill sets, organizing experience, union members, community activists, and so much more.

If you are interested or passionate about creating this reality, for future generations of real democracy, please click on the Contact link, fill out the form, and submit to LCIP. We look forward to meeting you.

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With 80% of us now living paycheck to paycheck with little to no savings, a pandemic that hit the public in the wallet, as well as their health; our people are precariously at its limits. Ominous economic data and politics as usual suggest that working people will be subjected to another economic downturn. We need to fight back against the class-warfare.

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