LCIP Calls for Working Class to Support Palestine Demand an End to U.S. Support to Apartheid Israel

Palestinians in Gaza are enduring yet another bombing campaign and a barbarous siege by Apartheid Israel. All shipments of food, water, and electricity have been suspended as Apartheid Israel sets out to starve an entire population.

Israel continues to bomb and destroy schools, homes, and hospitals while, at the same time, ordering the evacuation of 1.2 million Palestinians from Gaza.

These are acts of genocide, and amount to the collective punishment – a war crime – of an oppressed people whose right to self-determination has been denied for the past 75 years by an oppressive Apartheid regime.

At this writing, the death toll continues to rise with 1,537 dead, including 500 children and 276 women, and over 5,300 injured. The Gaza Health Ministry reports that hospitals will soon shut down for lack of power and resources.

Labor and Community for an Independent Party (LCIP) urges working people to demand an end to all U.S. aid to Apartheid Israel and for an immediate lifting of Israel’s inhumane blockade that cripples Gaza and will likely cause thousands – if not hundreds of thousands – of deaths by starvation, thirst, injury and disease.

If Israel’s bombing campaign and impending ground invasion continue, the civilian population – nearly half of whom are children – will suffer and perish. Apartheid Israel is not concerned about civilian casualties.

With upwards of 300,000 troops on Gaza’s doorstep, Israel is poised to invade Gaza in what Palestinians are calling the “Second Nakba.”

Palestinians have suffered three generations of oppression and military occupation by the Zionist Israeli state. This is unacceptable!

LCIP joins working people around the world who have taken to the streets to demand an immediate ceasefire, the unconditional lifting of the blockade of Gaza, the provision of humanitarian aid to Gaza, and an end to all aid to Apartheid Israel.

Symptom: 1.7 MILLION voters in 33 states and D. C. cast ballots, in 2016, without voting for a president.

Solution: We — political, trade union, and community activists from different political backgrounds — have decided to constitute ourselves as the Labor and Community for an Independent Party (LCIP). Join Us.