Message from Colia Clark, Veteran Civil Rights organizer

Originally published 9/5/2019

Here we stand straight and tall after 400 plus years: The cry to organize labor is housed in the history of the African Descendants’ experience in the U.S., from sickouts, crop destruction, “no pay no work” in the enslavement days to the organization of tenants farmers in farm sector and organization of steel workers in urban sectors.

The fight for labor rights seems a never-ending struggle — from unionizing chicken workers and farm labor to the struggle to unionize the auto worker. We refuse to accept the lie of a “Right to Work” Law, which Dr. King labeled as “the right not to work.” A labor party with Black Brown and Yellow leadership, inclusive of rural workers, is desperately needed. Now is the right time. Yes, Joe Hill, we will go on and organize. Victory is Ours.
In Solidarity,

Colia L Clark
Veteran Civil Rights organizer
Harlem, New York

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