Saladin Muhammad’s View – building an independent working-class and oppressed mass political party

Originally published on 9/7/2019 The popular front strategy of many on the Left against fascism has meant supporting the so-called liberal wing of capitalism — in the U.S. case, the Democratic Party, as the so-called lesser of two evils. Forces on the Left, especially among the nationally oppressed working-class sectors, must develop and promote an independent political action program that

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Statement from Coral Wheeler

Originally published 8/7/2019 While we denounce the Trump administration and work to build the broadest unity to demand the closing of the camps, we have to see the bigger picture if we are to put an end to this scourge and actually obtain justice for the millions of migrants forced out of their communities in Mexico and Central America as

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Model Open Letter Urging Labor Council to Run Independent Labor Candidates

Originally published 7/18/2019 OPEN LETTER TO THE DELEGATES OF THE NORTH SHORE (OHIO) AFL-CIO FEDERATION OF LABOR (December 2014) The following Open Letter to the Delegates of the North Shore (Ohio) AFL-CIO Federation of Labor was signed by 19 Cleveland-area unionists and distributed to the delegates of this Cleveland central labor council. We are reprinting this Open Letter to be

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